In order to accommodate all needs and budgets, I offer 5 packages:

Prelude: This package covers all the indispensable services with a brief duration. Perfect for weddings with fewer guests or more limited budgets.

Essential: This package includes both indispensable and essential services, with a duration that, depending on how the day is arranged, may span the time from dressing to group photos.

Classic: This is the package for preserving the images that epitomize your wedding in a deluxe art book containing the most stunning memories from your special day.

Prestige: The ideal package for remembering every moment from your wedding. Photos, video, and an array of services specially tailored to help capture life-long memories, including a “Trash the Dress” session.

A la Carte: Are you looking for something else? More personalized? Shorter? More you? With the “a la carte” package, assemble your own bouquet from among the services listed below according to your needs, your desires, and your budget.

Services (see the explanations below)

Prelude Essential Classic Prestige A la Carte
Duration 5 hours 7 hours 9 hours 9 hours Option
Speed of delivery Standard Standard Quick Express Option
Preparatory meeting
Photos delivered in digital format
Photos delivered in color, vintage, black & white
Delivery by web transfer
Private web gallery
Photo backup
Delivery by USB stick
Best Of Option
Portraits with studio lighting Option
4x5 prints Option
8x12 prints Option
Photos printed during the event Option
Photobooth Option
Photo book Option
Pocket book copies Option
Aluminum or canvas print Option
Video Option
“Trash the Dress” Session Option

Details of Services


Indivisible and represents the actual time during which the photographer will accompany you during the day.

Should the need arise or things become delayed on the wedding day, you will have the possibility to extend the duration, subject to photographer availability.

Speed of delivery

Speed of delivery: The speed of delivery of the digital photos depends on the chosen package

All the détails for accessing your photos online will be provided in an email that you will receive on the delivery date. A USB drive will follow by mail.

Preparatory meeting

To ensure that your wedding memories will be seamlessly captured, communication is key. Preparatory meetings are fundamental, before and especially after the contract is signed. Such meetings will allow you to get to know your photographer, who will explain how he works and give you valuable advice. These exchanges will reveal the couple’s tastes and expectations, the schedule of the wedding day, and how the preparations are developing. Preparatory meetings can be held in person, by telephone, or by videoconference and will be scheduled as often as necessary.

Photos delivered in digital format

The photos will be delivered in JPEG format in the highest resolution so that you will be able to print them at will. All of the photos being delivered will be reworked and corrected; slight, passing imperfections, such as minor blemishes or dark spots, will also be erased, to ensure a stunning image.

Photos delivered in color, vintage, black & white

When the digital photos are delivered, the couple will receive each in three different styles – color, black and white, and vintage – to satisfy every taste and desire.

Delivery by web transfer

The couple will receive all of the JPEG files via a cloud transfer service like Dropbox or Wetransfer on the appointed delivery date.

Private web gallery

A password-protected web gallery will be created and put at the couple’s disposal. Thus, only persons whom they choose will have access to the photos.

Photo backup

Accidents happen more often than one might expect. To protect you from any inconvenience, all of the photos will be preserved for a period of 5 years and can be sent in JPEG format.

Delivery by USB drive

The couple will receive all of the JPEG files on one or more USB drive(s).

Best Of

To share your wedding day, the couple will be provided with a montage clip of 3-5 minutes containing the best photos and/or videos of the day. This clip can be shared on social networks or send by email to friends and family.

Portraits with studio lighting

Have you always dreamed of photos worthy of a magazine cover or a royal wedding? This is the moment to fulfill your dream and pose for studio-quality photographs, indoor or outdoor (according to possibities), with the help and advice of the photographer.

Photos printed during the event

Leave with photos printed the same evening. Whether the photos are of the couple, a group, or from a Photobooth, they will be your first memories. It is the perfect thank-you souvenir for your guests. The basic package is 50 photos printed during the event. According to your desires or number of guests, you can decide to increase this package in increments of 50 prints.

4x5 prints

After the delivery of digital files, the couple will choose the photos they wish to print, in matte or glossy paper, to offer or create an album. If you desire additional prints, please discuss with the photographer.

8x12 prints

After the delivery of digital files, the couple will choose the photos they wish to print, in matte or glossy paper, to offer or create an album. If you desire additional prints, please discuss with the photographer.

Photo book

Enclosed in a box made of wood, cork or leather, your wedding album is much more than a simple book. It is a real object of art.

The photos will be printed on laminated paper with metallic inks. The cover, a choice between wood, leather, cork or fabric, with an overprinting or an ennoblement, and will give a truly magnificent style to your album.

Pocket book copies

The couple will receive 4 smaller albums of 50 pages, in a format of your choosing between these different propositions: 4x5 in – 4x4 in – 5x4 in, to be presented to their parents and friends as gifts or kept as souvenirs of their wedding.

Aluminum or canvas print

After the delivery of digital files, the couple will choose a photo they wish to have printed on aluminum (for a modern look) or canvass (for a classical look). The size of this print is 24x18.


During the evening, let your and your guests’ imagination run free and keep a spontaneous and unforgettable souvenir of your family and friends. Pose seriously or not before the spotlights of an automatic studio, installed near your reception rooms, with various accessories (false glasses, etc) available for your crazy photos.


Ideal for immortalizing your wedding on the big screen. A videographer will be present and will work with the photographer to capture every moment. The videos will then be edited and reworked by the photographer in order to create a DVD (with chapter divisions) that will allow you to relive the event. Each of the video clips will be delivered to you as separate files, which may be used at your convenience.

“Trash the Dress” Session

After the wedding, a 2-hour session will be arranged to allow more adventurous or less formal photos. The bride will wear her wedding dress (but, despite the name, the dress will remain intact).

Supplemental Services

Rehearsal Session

Schedule a photo session before the big day to put yourself at ease, test out your best smile, and – why not? – use these photos for your announcements.

Half-day “Trash the Dress”

Not enough time to pose during the wedding day? Take an additional half-day for you (the couple) to pose in your wedding clothes in any place you dream of.

Full-day “Trash the Dress”

A half day isn’t enough? Why not invite your family or friends to pose together and take the time to live your dreams?